( 22/08/2013, 10:45 )
(VOV) – Despite global economic difficulties, Ho Chi Minh City has been leading the country in terms of foreign direct investment attraction since early this year. The achievements can be attributed to the solutions being applied to lure FDI companies to the city. VOV’s Cao Thoa analyzes these measures.

( 22/08/2013, 10:35 )
(VOVworld) – A new wave of Japanese investment will be made in Vietnam as Japanese businesses are turning their eyes to the Vietnamese market. Vietnam is an attractive destination for Japanese enterprises and Japan is Vietnam’s biggest foreign investor. This is what Japanese investors are saying at forums and seminars on economic cooperation between the two countries. 

( 16/08/2013, 16:53 )
HA NOI (VNS)—Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan has proposed the World Bank (WB) increase assistance, both financially and technically, for Vietnam to help the country successfully implement its economic reform programme.

( 14/08/2013, 14:33 )
Meeting focuses on draft laws, amendments

( 26/04/2013, 14:05 )
Vietnam lacks the medium size businesses which can act as the bridge connecting enterprises and join the global supply chain.

( 26/04/2013, 14:02 )
Office workers, unskilled laborers and state employees all complain that their salaries are so modest and cannot cover their basic needs.

( 26/04/2013, 13:54 )
The national economy remains very pale, while businesses have died like flies. Meanwhile, the government is still busy with particular calculation when mapping out the solutions to rescue businesses.

( 20/03/2013, 22:14 )
Circular amending and supplementing the enterprise accounting regime

( 09/03/2013, 11:16 )
  This Law regulates the principles, conditions, scope, and form of independent audit activities; the rights and obligations of practicing auditors, auditing firms, branches of foreign auditing firms in Vietnam and the units that are audited.

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