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Law consultancy services is a professional service of Golden Star Consulting Service Company.

Golden Star is a professional consulting company specializes in providing accounting services, chief accountant services, tax procedure services, tax declaration services, tax consultancy services, tax agency services, tax refund services, services for representative office, company establishment services, enterprise dissolution services in Vietnam, performing investment procedures for foreign investor in Vietnamsalary calculation services, payroll and labour serviceslaw consultancy servicesvirual office services and other business advisory services.

You can refer to the services of Golden Star:

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If you have not address or office to register headquarter for your company, you can use virual office service of Golden Star for your company:

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Golden Star provides law consultancy services as follow:

1.Corporate Law Consulting Services (Show detail)

2.Tax Law Consulting Services (Show detail)

3.Company Establishment Services (Show detail)

4.Company Registration Change Services (Show detail)

5.Company Dissolution Services (Show detail)

6.Accounting and Bookkeeping Services (Show detail)


Please contact with Golden Star to get detail of law consultancy services and service charges.

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1-In Vietnam today, the regulations on corporate law, accounting, the provisions on tax policies change frequently. If you are not expert in the field of corporate law, accounting, not working in the field of taxation you can not catch in time, your company will not perform in accordance with regulations. Law consultancy services of Golden Star will help you comply with regulations

2-You are a small and medium company, you do not need to hire professional legal staff for your company to reduce costs. Instead you use law consultancy services of Golden Star.

3-You are a foreign investment capital company in Vietnam, you can not understand clearly law of Vietnam. To avoid risks relating to the legal procedures in Vietnam, you use the law consultancy services of Golden Star.

4-You want a professional servicce company independent and external to perform all legal operation for your enterprise. Law consultancy services of Golden Star will help you.


1-Golden Star is a leading consulting service company providing professional law consultancy services in Vietnam.

2-Golden Star is one of the enterprises meets the conditions under current regulations of Vietnam to provide tax agent services.

You can refer to the tax agent services of Golden Star. This is the tax declaration services, signing on the tax returns and working with tax authorities on behalf of taxpayers.

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3-Golden Star was founded by experts as lawyers, economic masters (MBA), auditor (CPA), practicing accountants, tax consulting experts and tax procedure service experts have a lot of practice experiences and knowledge in the field of corporate law, accounting, tax services, tax consulting, investment advisory, financial advisory.

Management Team and Key Staff of Golden Star (Show detail)

4-Staff performing Law consultancy services of Golden Star have high qualifications, experiences and practical knowledge in the field of legal corporation, accounting and taxation. You can get professional  advisers with master's degree (MBA), auditor (CPA) advice  to you.

5-Using the law consultancy services of Golden Star, you are absolutely assured about service quality, our service staff are professional. Staff of Golden Star with in-depth knowledge and clearly understanding law are enthusiastic and dedicated serving customers.

6-So far, thousands of clients in all business sector, lines of business, individual customers are using the services of Golden Star. Our clients are foreign direct investment capital enterprises, representative offices of foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises, project management and foreign people.

You can refer some typical client of Golden Star as follow:

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1-The quality of services when using the law consultancy services of Golden Star ensure always the best and conformity with the provisions of the law.

2-When using the law consultancy services of Golden Star, Golden Star will consult customer issues relating to the regulations on corporate law, investment law, tax law, accounting law and voucher regulations.

3-Staff of Golden Star who perform law consultancy services is always updated promptly and fully the provisions of corporate law, accounting law,  tax law so that they can give clients advisory timely with the best benefit.

4-Legal service activities of Golden Star follow a strict procedure and science, always be supervised and controlled in all cases to ensure  that the quality of law consultancy services is the best and comformity with the regulations.

5-When using the law consultancy services of Golden Star, Golden Star always look for ways to support clients to develop by the best solutions.

Using the law consultancy services of Golden Star is the most optimal choice for enterprises business in Vietnam today. Ensure your company will save cost, activities ensure in accordance with Vietnam provisions of law.

To get further information of our law consultancy services and charges,

Please come to our head office or contact Golden Star as follows:

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