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Golden Star is one of the Certified Public Accounting Company in Vietnam to satisfy all the conditions to provide accounting service and tax procedure service in accordance with the provisions of Vietnam law.

Golden Star has been granted certificate of eligibility for accounting service business, chief accountant service by Vietnam Ministry of Finance.

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Golden Star is a professional consulting company specializes in providing accounting services, chief accountant services, tax procedure services, tax declaration services, tax consultancy services, tax agency services, tax refund services, services for representative office, company establishment services, company dissolution services in Vietnam, performing investment procedures for foreign investor in Vietnamsalary calculation services, payroll and labour serviceslaw consultancy servicesvirual office services and other business advisory services.

You can refer to the services of Golden Star:

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-Reviewing accounting vouchers;

-Revewing accounting entries;

-Revewing allocation of tools, utilities, prepay costs, pending costs;

-Revewing depreciation of fixed assets;

-Revewing transferring, aggregating information;

-Reviewing accounting books, financial statements, income statements;

-Guiding, consulting on completing accounting books;

-Guiding, consulting on completing of tax finalization documents;

-Discussing with company about the contents and operations relating to the results of implementation;

-Consulting on relevant contents in the process of synthesizing information for making  bookkeeping, financial statements and tax finalization.


-Providing informations: Input vochers, output vouchers; payment vouchers; payroll; contracts; debt; tax reports, accounting books ....

-Exchanging operating procedures, business information of the company.



We determine the cost of services based on the level of complexity and efficiency of the actual work completed.

In order to get enough information to provide quotation, please provide us these informations :

1-What is your company number code in Vietnam?

2-What main business lines does your company do?

3-When did your company start?

4-How many people work in your company?

5-How many foreigner work in your company?

6-How many products does your company sell?

7-How much are your company charter capital?

8-How many vouchers/invoices from selling goods/services do you estimate per month?

9-How many vouchers/invoices from buying  goods/services do you estimate per month?

10-How much sales do you estimate for one year?

11-How many transactions do you estimate per month?

12-What services do you demand: Accounting and bookkeeping; Chief accountant; Tax declaring services; Payroll;  Reports to competent authority; Others ….?

To get further information of our services and service charges,

Please come to our head office or contact Golden Star as follows:

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