Service charge for establishing a foreign invested capital company in Vietnam


With foreign invested capital company in Vietnam


Foreign investors can invest in Vietnam in the form of establishing an economic organization with 100% capital or a lower percentage of foreign investors in Vietnam.

Foreign investors can establish economic organizations in accordance with Vietnamese law.

Before establishing economic organization, foreign investors must have an investment project and carry out the procedures for issuance of an investment registration certificate in accordance with the Law on Investment and must satisfy the following conditions :

-Ownership ratio of charter capital in according to the regulations of in the Investment Law;

-The form of investments, scope of activities, Vietnamese partners participating in investment activities and other conditions is implemented following international treaties which Vietnam is a contracting party.


1.1-Procedures for investment registration

-Consulting customers to prepare necessary documents for registration of investment;

-Drafting investment registration dossiers as prescribed;

-Explaning  ability to satisfy conditions which the investment project must meet prescribed by law;

-Explaning economic report, technical contents related to investmentprojects;

-Conducting apply to investment registration in the competentauthorities;

-Receiving investment licenses in the investment licensing agency.

1.2-Procedures for establishing a compnay

-Consulting to prepare the necessary documents to register the establishment ofenterprises.

-Draftingdocuments to registrate  business establishmentasprescribed.

-Submiting dossiers of business establishment registration to the competentauthorities.

-Making a seal and  registrating form of seal forbusinesses.

-Conducting  initial tax registration procedures for business.

-Mornitoring the process and notifying the results of submitteddossiers.


1-Preparing and providing information:

-Information relating to investment organization/individual;

-Investment capital, implementation schedule of project ;

-Name of company;

-Sector of business;

-Address of investment.

2-Preparing and providing documents:

-Documents certifies the legal status of the investor (certificate of business registration ; copy of Identification card/Passport);

-Documents illustrate the financial capacity of the investor (Confirmation of bank deposit balance);

-Documents about the business location (contract of leasing office);

-Other documents depending on exact situation.


For establishing a foreign capital company in Viet Nam

To get quotation for making establishment a new company for foreign investors,

Please provides Golden Star these information:

-Name of foreign individual or company want to invest in Vietnam?

-Nationality of foreign individual or company want to invest in Vietnam?

-What business sector for new company?

-How much investment capital ?

-Investment address in Vietnam?

To get further information of our services and service charges,

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