Service charges for dissolving company


For foreign investment capital company in Viet Nam





- Consulting to prepare the information, records completing, tax reports.

- Consulting on invoices, documents to dissolve company (if any).

- Consulting on liquidation of assets, liabilities prior to dissolution (if any).

- Preparing documents and drafting forms prescribed by dissolving law.

- Making dissolving documents and send to tax agency.

- Making tax finalization documents and send  to the tax agency.

- Getting result of closing tax code from the tax agency.

- Making announcement on company dissolving.

- Making dissolving documents and send to business registration agency.

- Give back seal to police agency and receiving notice of recall seal.

- Submitting  dissolving documents to business registration agency.

- Checking and monitoring process; notice timely to the clients




1-The completion time: From 15 -30 business days (after receiving the letter of tax agency about tax obligations completion /notice to close  the tax code of tax authorities).

2- Service fees and payment :

2.1.Servicecharge  : VND 15.000.000/one company (In words : Fifteen  million Dong Viet Nam per company).


- First payment :  VND 6,000,000.00,  when signing this letter quotation to ensure the provision of services.

- Second payment : VND 6,000,000.00  when submitting dissolving documents to tax agency.

- Last Payment : Pay the remaining when submitting dissolving documents to business registration agency

Paying in Vietnam Dong (VND) in the form of bank transfer or cash (VND).

The service fees is not included : VAT tax, fees dissolution notice on newspaper, taxes and fines (if any).

2.3.The following works will be charged separately(if using), (charges will be determined based on the size of the company including sales, business lines, the number of documents):

- Preparing financial statements, tax finalization reports.

- Examining, reviewing and completing accounting records, tax finalization documents;

- Explananing tax finalization with tax authorities.


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